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Apart from these programs, Bellfield College reviews is the only institution which adopts the ‘Spalding’ teaching method. This method of imparting education is based on the language that provides sequential, explicit and multisensory instructions in writing, listening, comprehension and spellings.
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money without the use of an official financial institution as an intermediary. Peer-to-peer lending removes the middleman from the process, but it also involves more time, effort and risk than the general brick-and-mortar lending scenarios. Traditionally, individuals and small…
Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) are a type of savings account, usually specifically designed for higher education savings. They are often available through state or local government programs or non-profit organizations, in partnership with banks and credit unions. CSAs usually allow deposits from children, parents, and relatives as well as third parties such as school districts and scholarship
Most people are familiar with how a conventional insurance works. A customer pays an amount of premium to an insurance company, to get protection when there are unexpected risks – accident, death, and so on. The fund collected from payment of premiums becomes the income of the insurance company and will not be returned in…
Women can also take advantage of savings products designed especially for them. It has benefits like higher interest rates and special benefits for women, such as insurance for women-only cancer treatment and osteoporosis. “With BII Woman One product, the interest I get is three times higher than a normal savings account. On top of that,…
Personal accident insurance is one of the few financial products that is often ignored by people who like me have believed at some point that having a life insurance is enough. While a life insurance policy would protect and cover your family in case of your death, it makes no provisions for covering them in…
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